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Source: Insight Ningbo  | 2022-04-22 09:06:28

  Flower sea on the mountain. /山上的花海。[Photo by Tang Yan]唐嚴攝

  By Gou Wen

  On the Jin'e Mountain, Ningbo, more than 130,000 square meters of wild azaleas are entering their peak blossoming. In crimson, light red, rose red, purple, white, and yellow, those picturesque flowers join hands in creating a long corridor of azalea.


  The azalea blossoming at the Jin'e is a popular attraction among tourists. Together with other scenic spots, such as ancient houses in nearby water towns and the Bijia Mountain, as well as local farmhouses and leisure farms, they are turned into a main tourism hub that many tourists come to visit every year.


  The Jin'e Mountain boasts two name cards: azalea and camellia. Covered with green plants, the mountain looks tall and straight. Moreover, there are many rocks of different shapes. In 2018, Jin'e Mountain was designated as one of Zhejiang's provincial forest parks. Besides azalea and camellia, it is equally rich in animal and plant resources. For example, the ancient trees, the famous pine on the south slope, the spectacular sunrise, and other natural landscapes.