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Ningbo: What to Expect in the Next Five Years
Source: Insight Ningbo  | 2022-04-15 07:44:04

  Ningbo is developing rapidly. [Photo by Xu Neng]

  By Gou Wen

  Ningbo has achieved many notable goals in the past five years according to the city government's Work Report. The GDP of the region increased from 897.3 billion yuan to 1.4595 trillion yuan, rising from the 16th to 12th place in China; Revenue in the general public budget increased from 111.5 billion yuan to 172.3 billion yuan, jumping from the 12th to 10th place...

  Yet the city's ambitions go further than that. By 2026, the regional GDP is expected to reach 2.2 trillion yuan, the per capita GDP 220,000 yuan. Delegates of the Ningbo Municipal People's Congress and members of the CPPCC Ningbo Municipal Committee put forward suggestions and expectations for the future development of the city.

  The Core Strength of Manufacturing

  Manufacturing industry is the key for local economic and social development. Wang Haiming, the Chairman of Ningbo Behealthy Technology Group, believes that the future of Ningbo manufacturing lies in intelligent innovation.

  In Wang's view, to enhance the global competitiveness in smart manufacturing and innovation, Ningbo can explore and build a new platform for an "industrial brain", a cutting-edge cloud-based AI for industries first initiated by Alibaba Cloud. It is important to seize the opportunity of industrial brain development, explore the intelligent scientific decision support system for enterprises, industries and governments, and provide platform support for Ningbo to promote the high-quality development of its manufacturing industry.

  At the same time, because the industries use a wide variety of manufacturing equipment, which is operated under different and complex systems, making the interconnection difficult and expensive. The isolated "data islands" are common in the industry.

  Aiming at this problem, he also suggests that Ningbo can speed up the building of a number of intelligent manufacturing service platforms and strive to make greater breakthroughs in industrial software and intelligent manufacturing systems.

  In doing that, the state authorities may take the leading role and the enterprises the main actors, together with other stakeholders, they may be ankle to jointly cultivate and form a number of powerful and influential intelligent manufacturing service platforms, break down the data barriers between equipment and systems, and provide an intelligent manufacturing data center solution that integrates data acquisition, data processing and data analysis.

  From a market perspective, new energy vehicles are also another key driver for the future. Li Weiping, the CGO of Geely Auto Group, thinks that it is high time for Ningbo to follow the trend and tap on the opportunities brought up by the new blue ocean of new energy vehicles. Ningbo should firmly pursue the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, further promote cross-industry integration, and create a new driving force for the new energy vehicle and chip semiconductor industry on the basis of maintaining the number and scale of traditional vehicles.

  Civilization, a Golden Name Card of Ningbo

  There are no bystanders in building a city with good manners. Ningbo has been awarded the title of National Model City for six times, now this city is striving for a higher goal.

  Chen Luna works and lives in Fenghua. She says that there are 974 registered volunteer teams and nearly 100,000 registered volunteers. Today, the streets and lanes of Ningbo are becoming cleaner and more beautiful, the infrastructure increasingly improved, and the citizens are equally paying more attention to their manners.

  To become the Capital of Civility in China, Ningbo understands that the devil is in the details. In Sha Rina's view, whether building a future community or transforming an old community, the premise is to deeply tap the unique and rich cultural connotation of the community, build a public culture and art experience space, enrich the cultural supply, enhance the sense of belonging and pride of community residents, and build a new space to highlight the cultural charm and humanistic feelings of Ningbo.

  Adding Unique Charm to a City

  How to make Ningbo more unique? Cao Yun puts forward a novel perspective: advocating that the fallen leaves should not be swept, so as to build a natural poetic modern coastal metropolis.

  "Some cities, such as Hangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai, do not sweep or delay sweep the fallen leaves, as an effort to keep the natural scenery. Citizens and tourists support this approach," Cao Yun says.

  In addition, keeping the fallen leaves will not only improve the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, but also help to form a layer of humic substance in the green space that improves the soil quality. Of course, such an initiative does not mean simply leaving the leaves unattended. Cao Yun believes that a region- and time-based sweeping plan can be scheduled.

  To better show the beauty of Ningbo to citizens and tourists, Yan Hui thinks of a unique plan, which is upgrading and optimizing mini-buses.

  "Comprehensively sort out and integrate Ningbo's urban cultural resources, landmarks, theme parks, streets, and alleys and various memorial buildings, and add corresponding stops on the existing mini-bus routes to fully display the details and image of a modern coastal metropolis," Yan Hui says.

  In addition, she suggests refining Ningbo's city visual identity system to fully incorporate the city's urban and culture heritage. The system can be applied to the exterior and interior design of mini-bus, including windows, handles, and seats. Video introduction to attractions on the route can be showed on the screens in the mini-bus, she further adds.